Value Proposition Consulting

We create a total Value Proposition using our tried and tested Value Proposition Builder™ methodology, which involves:

  • Deep analysis of what’s truly happening in your market

  • Understanding in detail the true value experienced by your customers & stakeholders through our unique IPTA™ psychology-and-business insights generation process

  • Define clear market positioning

  • Map the hierarchy of your products & services

  • Develop differentiation from your key competitors

  • Generate evidence of your value proposition going forward.

Workshops and education will form part of the deliverables, enabling your teams to collaborate and understand the power of value-based and customer-centric solution selling.

Our value proposition consultancy services will give you full sales and marketing message development, anchor your market positioning and give you a clear roadmap for the future.


The Value Proposition Builder™ methodology incorporates a range of tools and canvases to deliver the following set of outputs for your teams to continue to work with:

Value Proposition Blueprint TM
  • Key market trends

  • The detailed value experience of your customers through individual verbatims

  • Value Pyramid™ map of offerings

  • Market positioning of the business

  • Value Themes: an output from the business and psychology analytical work we will perform

  • Outline of a Value Proposition Blueprint™ (example shown below)

  • The basis of your go-to-market strategy - Who to target / With what / When / How / Why they should care?

  • Sales and marketing themes and messaging

  • Education of your sales team

Working with you to embed your Value Proposition

Repositioning your value with internal and external stakeholders can be a daunting task. 

We offer project scoping and implementation support so that you can quickly redress the balance within your team, your wider organisation and your external stakeholders with a mix of interactive workshops and communication strategies. 

We tailor a mix of the following services to meet your specific needs:

  • Design thinking, sprint style workshop programmes for new service design, etc

  • Team building around the new value proposition using the behavioural profiling tool PRISM to enable teams to understand each other and the customer from a behavioural perspective and give them the tools to more confidently influence key stakeholders

  • Culture workshops to enable team members to think about the organisation and how people work together and allow cultural issues to emerge. Action plans can then be developed to enhance the positive aspects of culture and address any blockages

  • Facilitation of detailed project scoping and implementation programme development

  • In-depth briefing, persona development and message planning workshops for internal teams and associated external agencies in sales, marketing and/or communications.