Uncovering and defining true customer value

Uncovering and defining true customer value

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Many companies face a fundamental problem: there is a sizeable and growing gap between what they offer and what their customers actually value. This value gap leads to lost sales, lower profits, commoditisation, failure to innovate and the wrong organisational structure potentially employing the wrong people. It can even threaten the company’s very survival.

Value is not about your products and services alone. Delivering differentiated value comes from an in-depth understanding of your customers’ experiences coupled with an aligned company culture. This is what we do.


Discovering real customer value, then harnessing it into a compelling value proposition, is a powerful way of gaining new customers and growing your business sustainably.

Working collaboratively with the experts at Futurecurve, you’ll uncover what your customers think, how they feel and why they behave as they do. Using Futurecurve’s unique Value Proposition Builder™ methodology, which incorporates the very latest thinking in business and psychology practice, you’ll rapidly close the gap on winning new and better business.

Impact for our clients

Independent management consulting firm OEE Consulting was established to help clients deliver a better customer experience and improve business results. A five-year business plan was developed, with the ultimate aim of selling the company to enable further growth. Futurecurve ran a series of value proposition workshops: examining OEE’s competitive position, how the firm went to market, its business ambitions and the changes necessary to achieve them.

After receiving nine offers, OEE was bought by French customer management multinational Webhelp and merged with its subsidiary to form Gobeyond Partners.

Their greatest strength is linking up the technical value proposition piece and the behavioural and leadership piece. That’s rare…Futurecurve do left brain and right brain.
— Mark Palmer, CEO, Gobeyond Partners

Specialist technical and engineering business, LotusWorks, was seeking to grow the business further and aiming for sale. Futurecurve was engaged for a major value proposition project to help achieve its goals.

Working with Futurecurve, the company began to implement the necessary changes. Key account management was introduced. Website and communications were overhauled. Written proposals and quotations were updated to reflect core competencies, capabilities and added value. LotusWorks transformed into a client-centric business. Clients responded positively. Within three years, the size of LotusWorks’ business doubled.

Value before we met Futurecurve was probably a statement that I could rattle off in 30 seconds or less. But value with Futurecurve was something completely different. I haven’t found another company or another team of consultants that look at, dissect, and rebuild value like Futurecurve.
— Tom Cafferkey, former COO, LotusWorks
We use consultancies regularly however the work with Futurecurve stood out by delivering truly new insights into our business and our relationships with our customers and made an immediate and very significant impact on how we moved forward.
— Andy Head, Business Development Director, NATS


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