Uncovering and defining true customer value

Uncovering and defining true customer value

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Many companies face a fundamental problem: there is a sizeable and growing gap between what they offer and what their customers actually value. This value gap leads to lost sales, lower profits, commoditisation, failure to innovate and the wrong organisational structure potentially employing the wrong people. It can even threaten the company’s very survival.

Value is not about your products and services alone. Delivering differentiated value comes from an in-depth understanding of your customers’ experiences coupled with an aligned company culture. This is what we do.


We help you discover, design and build value for your customers. To do this, we reveal the gap between your customers’ experiences and your own perception of the value you create. Then we work with you to create compelling value propositions and customer experiences that bridge the gap.

What sets Futurecurve’s method apart is our blend of psychology practise and business experience. Incorporating a unique research process, our Value Proposition Builder™ methodology uncovers the richness and real truths of what your customers think, how they feel and why they behave as they do.

Impact for our clients

A leading supplier of technical and operational services to top class manufacturers worldwide came to us because they had lost focus, were being commoditised and negotiations with customers were price-only led.

They achieved the following results as we helped them understand the key value they delivered for clients, the resultant value proposition delivered these results:

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We helped a global finance company realise it had to change its way of engaging with smaller merchants across Europe.  We ran a major Value Proposition project, which included customer and staff research, a series of internal and external workshops, creating a compelling over-arching value proposition with messaging and sales stories that resulted in a new way of doing business.  A new retail campaign was born with these results:

We use consultancies regularly however the work with Futurecurve stood out by delivering truly new insights into our business and our relationships with our customers and made an immediate and very significant impact on how we moved forward.
— Andy Head, Business Development Director, NATS


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