Business Finland recognises that Value Proposition development and optimisation is an important cornerstone of sales and marketing capability.

In order to succeed in today’s competitive global marketplace, companies must have a clear understanding of their target customers and how value is created for those customers, then harness this knowledge into a compelling value proposition.

This Value Proposition Workshop programme will focus on embedding value proposition creating practices into the management teams of Finnish companies to help them scale their businesses and grow their exporting capability. The programme is designed to help you differentiate your organisation by the value you provide to your targets rather than solely by the products or services you provide.  Through the development of a strategic value proposition you will be able to identify and focus on your ‘sweet spot’ customers, define what value you deliver to those customers, drive differentiation, produce more qualified leads and build strong, longer lasting relationships with your customers.

This program will equip Finnish exporting companies with the tools and techniques required to create a compelling customer led value proposition to drive sales and international growth.


This workshop is aimed at Senior Management Executives with responsibility for selling high value products and services into business-to-business markets. Up to three participants per company may attend. Ideally you will already be developing your business internationally and would value additional support and guidance to enable you to be more successful in securing business opportunities across all sectors.


Business Finland and Futurecurve have designed a value proposition workshop program tailored for Business Finland client companies. The program will comprise of:

  • A half day kick off workshop to provide the overview of the program
  • An online diagnostic tool to be completed by each attending company
  • Customer research with 2 to 3  customers of client companies
  • A one day value proposition workshop
  • An optional 30 minute follow up call with Futurecurve
  • A 2 hour coaching session for each attending company to finalise their value proposition
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Value Proposition Builder copyright Futurecurve 2018


Our one day workshop is a highly-interactive, engaging day that provides a clear explanation of Value Proposition as part of Strategy, in-depth working through Futurecurve’s own proven methodology for creating value propositions (The Value Proposition Builder™), tools, case studies and templates. 

We will help you identify your value and create and deliver your value proposition.


This workshop is designed specifically to allow participants to learn how to:

  • Identify key customer groupings within their target market.
  • Describe key characteristics and behaviours of these customers.
  • Identify the sources of value that differentiates the company, product or service from its competition.
  • Leverage customer insights to develop a value proposition that resonates to customers in key target markets.
  • Recognise, articulate and communicate the differences between product/service features, benefits and customer value and use these to develop key messaging statements.
  • Identify and communicate the company’s value offering to key stakeholders.


TESTIMONIALS from other exporting technology SMEs

I went along to the Enterprise Ireland Value Proposition Workshop course run by Futurecurve thinking that value proposition was something we would put on the ‘About Us’ page on the website. What stuck with me from the course, which I still talk to everybody about, is that it covered every single touchpoint of the business. It starts with the customer and works backwards from there. It’s not because of your technical features, it’s not necessarily what it is you make, it’s the way you put it together and package it, the way you market and deliver it. We stopped patting ourselves on the back about how clever the technical product was. You need to figure out why the customer would buy it from you not why you think the customer should buy it from you.
Before the Value Proposition programme, our sales cycle was long, with a lot of travel, took time to organise and people went away. We used the value proposition approach, updated the website, and within a week or two we turned around a sale in 24-hours! There’s a massive reduction in sales time – down from six months to an average of two weeks.
— Paul McDonald, Managing Director, Sonitus Systems
I attended the Value Proposition Workshop run by Futurecurve with one of our Directors. Walking out of that one day in Enterprise Ireland made us excited about the prospect of what value proposition could do for the business. And what is has done is given our people far more confidence in going into sales situations; we are absolutely on-message with what customers want to hear in any given sector.
— Andy Donlan, Marketing Manager, Thermodial
Principally, the value proposition process gave us focus. Our technology is complicated so taking my focus away from the technology has given me the ability to focus on the value to customers. That has been great and we’re working on that now. It’s given us a structure; the Value Proposition Builder™ has become our template. One can do business canvases and all the rest but this is more powerful because it directs the strategy, the positioning and has enabled us to focus on our customers a lot more.
— Robert Dunne, CEO, GlycoSeLect


Futurecurve was born in 2003 when its founders saw an opportunity to apply best practices around innovation and psychology to sales, marketing, business development and strategy. Cindy Barnes and Helen Blake are internationally recognised experts and speakers on value propositions and customer-centricity, and co-authors of the definitive best-selling book on value propositions. In recent years, over 600 SMEs have used the Futurecurve Value Proposition Builder™ to successfully accelerate growth for their businesses in new international markets.