The business world has changed forever. The difference between companies that are thriving and those struggling to survive is how well they harness and align their value to customers. There is a widening gap between what companies offer and sell and what customers actually value and are willing to pay for.

You can start to close this gap by truly understanding what your customers value, looking at your products or services and how you interact with customers – this determines your single ‘customer truth’. This saves time, effort, resources and money and stops marketing, sales, product and communications people each creating multiple ‘customer truths’ for multiple purposes.

In this white paper we show you how to:

  • Understand the 4 key reasons why your customers don’t value what you offer them
  • Start finding your real differentiators
  • Begin determining your value
  • Know what effect weak value has on your market positioning, sales and profitability
  • Start creating your value proposition using our proven model the Value Proposition Builder



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