Learning & Coaching

We regularly run training / learning events on the topic of value propositions – definition, creation and building, their importance for growth and links with marketing and sales. We explain in detail Value and Value Propositions, the business reasons why they’re so vital, and then facilitate the team through elements of our Value Proposition Builder™ process so they’re engaged with the reality of your value. 

Learning and development is about so much more than expanding the knowledge base of your people. While this is important, our programmes also help you uncover your competitive advantage, find sources of low-cost innovation and pinpoint your differentiators.

Customer expectations and how they buy has changed dramatically in the past few years. Sales teams are often blamed for falling sales but in our experience of working with over 600 large and small companies across the world, the culprit is most often company complacency – thinking what you sold a few years ago is still acceptable and that the way customers buy is the same as it was.

All our workshops are based on the latest research, either research we do with your customers or latest available research.  Our research is unique in that it uncovers not only what customers do and want, but why. We focus on the psychological drivers as well as the rational ones.

Being heavily interactive, fast paced and fun, our workshops are packed full of learning, we work you hard and challenge you on your specific issues to arrive at a useable and powerful outcome for your organisation.  Our workshops are great at getting engagement, blowing up a few myths about value propositions and building confidence in the reality of your true value to customers for internal awareness-raising and alignment.

Our training areas include:

  • Understand your customer's behaviour and motivation

  • Innovate your offerings and total portfolio

  • Market and brand positioning

  • Value proposition design - a strategic approach for your whole business or business unit area

  • Solution selling

  • Developing empathy - essential for sales and customer service teams


To enable change the support of a coach can ensure successful understanding and implementation of your value proposition.  Our expert executive coaches work directly with you and your team live via video conferencing using our on-line coaching programme with exercises and learning pieces. 

You’ll get the most out of this by attending as a team.  It works for management teams of start-ups, sales or marketing teams of large companies, or business unit leaders and their teams.

All our coaches are senior executives, trained in both business and psychology to provide you with positive challenge and active suggestions.