Value propositions help your business succeed. Futurecurve, the leading value proposition expert, has developed a tailored, web-based learning and coaching programme specifically created to enable leaders and teams to develop a compelling company value proposition, enabling focus, clarity and confidence in a complex world.

Utilising our best practice tools and techniques, our expert executive coach will work directly with you and your team live via video conferencing. In this way we can work with you to identify and focus on your ‘sweet spot’ customers, define what value you deliver to those customers, drive differentiation, position your business for highest impact, focus sales messages on your 'truth' and build strong, longer lasting relationships with your customers.

This programme will equip leaders and teams with the tools and techniques required to create a compelling customer-led value proposition to drive sales.

How does it work?

This is a 6-session web-based coaching programme with exercises and learning pieces. We provide you with cutting-edge tools, methods and ways of harnessing your value based on the Value Proposition Builder™ methodology set out in our best-selling books 'Creating & Delivering your Value Proposition' and 'Selling Your Value Proposition' (Kogan Page).

We send you pre-work, you send us the results of the work and together we work on each stage of the Value Proposition Builder™.  

All our coaches are senior executives, trained in both business and psychology to provide you with positive challenge and active suggestions.

What will it cover?

The 6-session programme covers:

Value Proposition BuilderTM
  1. Using our Market Landscape canvas, you will analyse and identify the market segments, or specific customers, or target individuals within those customers for whom your products/services have the potential to deliver value, profitably.
  2. The Value Experience canvas allows you to understand and analyse the value experience that clients get from your organisation from its current activities. You need to identify good, bad and neutral experiences, but what will really make a difference are those experiential outcomes that have the power of “Wow!”
  3. Map your products/services to define the offerings mix capable of leveraging your proven Value Experience with the defined target Market group.
  4. When you have done this, you are in a position to assess the value hierarchy/benefits of the Offerings in the context of the Value Experience you are able to deliver to the Market group. 
  5. You are then able to go on to work out how that provides alternatives and differentiation for your organisation …
  6. … and back it all up with relevant, substantiated proof /evidence of your value


The fee for the 6 session programme with all materials and your personal live, online coach is £3,999 (plus VAT if invoiced in the UK).

Who is it for?

You’ll get the most out of this by attending as a team.  It works for management teams of start-ups, sales or marketing teams of large companies, or business unit leaders and their teams.

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Email or call Suzi for availability and book an introductory call with a coach

+44 (0)20 3457 0950

Before the Value Proposition programme, our sales cycle was long, with a lot of travel, took time to organise and people went away. We used the value proposition approach, updated the website, and within a week or two we turned around a sale in 24-hours! There’s a massive reduction in sales time – down from six months to an average of two weeks.
— Paul McDonald, Managing Director, Sonitus Systems
The programme made us excited about the prospect of what value proposition could do for the business. And what is has done is given our people far more confidence in going into sales situations; we are absolutely on-message with what customers want to hear in any given sector.
— Andy Donlan, Marketing Manager, Thermodial
Principally, the value proposition process gave us focus. Our technology is complicated so taking my focus away from the technology has given me the ability to focus on the value to customers. That has been great and we’re working on that now. It’s given us a structure; the Value Proposition Builder™ has become our template. Anyone can do business canvases and all the rest but this is more powerful because it directs the strategy, the positioning and has enabled us to focus on our customers a lot more.
— Robert Dunne, CEO, GlycoSeLect