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Customers have changed. They are no longer passive recipients of offerings – products and services. The power has shifted from companies pushing their offerings, to customers pulling what they want. Customers can now be a long way through their purchasing process – as much as 60-90%  – before they even contact you.

Many companies haven’t changed to meet this shift and are still going to market the way they’ve always done and wonder why they are being commoditised.  A few smart companies have recognised the shift and are now doing things differently through an insight–led sales approach.

In this white paper we show you:

  • The difference between a value proposition and a sales insight

  • What makes up a great sales insight

  • Examples of compelling sales insights

  • The importance of good research in developing your sales insights

  • How to uncover both explicit and tacit knowledge from your customers

  • A short test to determine your readiness to develop your value proposition or sales insights

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