Our Research Methodology

See your business through your customers' eyes

When you know what your product or service really means to your customers, you can understand how they are likely to behave towards you.

This is a powerful advantage, because it helps you understand what you need to do to succeed. But few businesses have it. The research that most do is superficial and doesn’t explore the world from their customers’ perspective. 

Focus groups and tick-box surveys have their place. But for the really powerful insights, a different, fieldwork-based approach is needed.

Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA)

This is what makes Futurecurve different. IPA allows researchers to explore in detail how people make sense of their personal and social world. It focuses on the meanings that particular experiences, events, states or objects hold for individuals. It’s concerned with the person’s personal perception or account of an object or event.

The researcher plays an active role in the research process as they immerse themselves in the individual’s world. IPA is concerned with trying to understand what the world looks like from some else’s point of view.

The outcome of a study aims to ‘give voice’ to and ‘make sense’ of an individual or group’s worldview.

Futurecurve researchers are all experienced in the disciplines of business psychology, psychotherapy and anthropology. We use a mixture of methodologies including IPA, Ethnography and Transactional Analysis. 

Mary Pasby

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