We dive into the uncharted waters of your customers’ thoughts, emotions, senses and intuition.  By uncovering, analysing and revealing deep insights this way, we shed new light on both your customer's behaviour and your problems to design innovative ways of solving complex issues.


The balance of power with customers has changed. We find companies have to work harder than ever to understand the balance between what customers value and what you can profitably provide.

Today's challenge is how to make yourself attractive at every stage of the customer's buying journey - from pre-need through to repeat purchase.

Our approach uses our unique business and psychology-based Value Proposition Builder methodology.

What we do:

  • Bring customer experiences into the value proposition process to ensure robustness
  • Find what customers desire, how they behave and link the findings to your business
  • Uncover powerful insights from internal teams
  • Dive into the realities of customer markets and segmentation for accurate business alignment
  • Analyse the gap between what you offer and what customers value
  • Prioritise your products and services to ensure value is aligned
  • Ensure differentiation based around value not product or service
  • Prove your value in a real and compelling way
  • Undertake controlled testing with customer groups
We chose Futurecurve because we wanted a consultancy who understood what a value proposition was really about, and could help us become a customer centric business, they came highly recommended. We also wanted someone who could respond directly where and when we needed help, not months down the road. Futurecurve did exactly that.
— Tom Cafferkey, COO, LotusWorks


We find that companies are grappling with increasingly complex problems that cannot be solved by simply gathering more data, defining issues more clearly or breaking issues down into smaller chunks.

Our clients' strategic issues include:

  • Serving many stakeholders, all with different values and priorities
  • Facing difficult, complex problems with no precedent
  • Lacking a solid strategic purpose

What we do:

  • Provide insight and identify new opportunities and business implications for potential customers
  • Simplify existing portfolios of products and services
  • Align what customers value with how your products are packaged and presented
  • Revitalise existing strategies
  • Create an innovation process
We use consultancies regularly. However this work from Futurecurve stood out for us by delivering truly new insights into our business and our relationships with our customers, and is making an immediate and very significant impact on how we move forward.
— Andy Head, Business Development Director, NATS

Developing New Opportunities

The ability to make yourself desirable to customers, to 'pull' them toward you, requires a much deeper and nuanced knowledge of customers.

Companies pushing their products and services out into loosely-defined market sectors are being left behind by the more nimble and responsive companies who use a combination of both push and pull approaches to generate opportunities.

What we do:

  • Uncover gaps in the market that no-one is optimising
  • Analyse your existing customers to reveal insights and unmet needs
  • Develop behavioural customer personas
  • Map the customer lifecycle
  • Map the customer buying experience journey
  • Develop new concepts
  • Create structure around product hierarchy

  • Align products against customer value to reveal new opportunities
I really liked the focus, robust frameworks, clarity of thinking and sheer expertise brought to this project. The work enabled us to prioritise our sales time and effort, price our services accordingly, sell at high margin and reduce our cost of sale.
— Gill Hall, Sales & Marketing Director, Ricardo AEA


Innovation is an essential skill today but it's hard for successful organisations to do well. If you are focused on being efficient, for example, innovation is at odds with where you've excelled up to now. Successful companies often jump on an innovation bandwagon and end up wasting time, resources and money.

What we do:

  • Develop the behaviour that enables innovation
  • Harness customer insights for innovation
  • Enable rapid innovation via product & service repackaging & repositioning
  • Organise internal innovation programmes 
  • Create the environment for ideas to flourish
This work has been pivotal to ESBI, the final day of bringing all the work together will go down as very important day in our history. The outputs are so rich and grounded. Thank you to the Futurecurve team for bringing such a great process and facilitating the right conversations with us and our clients.
— Jacinta Ryan, ESB International, Strategic Business Performance Manager

We work with clients in the following sectors:

  • Aviation
  • Energy, upstream and downstream
  • Engineering
  • Financial services
  • Government and public services
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Life sciences and pharmaceuticals
  • Media, entertainment and communications
  • Not-for-profit and NGOs
  • Professional services
  • Retail and distribution
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities