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Collaboration - human activity or business tool?

Frustrated by the lack of collaboration across his management team, my client called me. He was almost desperate for suggestions that would help him in building a successful cross-functional collaborative team.  This team comes together for regular management meetings and is extremely focused on operational results (and highly successful at achieving them) but working together on cross-functional non-operational programmes for the business as a whole… well that’s a whole different ball game. 

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Spiders, monsters and feedback – oh my!

There are more negative emotional words (62%) than positive words (32%) in the English dictionary. The disproportionate way our brain has of filtering data, will have a significant impact on whether a customer chooses to spend money with your organisation again. When working with clients, we encourage them to understand and measure their value using the Value equation...

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What one truck’s dangerous driving taught me about sales strategy

When a truck pulled out in front of my car I swerved out of the way and mentally made a note of the truck’s features. Three years later, all I remember about that vehicle is the bright, well-known store logo. To this day I refuse to buy anything from this store, although the only thing I have against it is that one member of staff made me feel unsafe while driving my car. I wonder whether the safe driving of the delivery employees was part of the organization in question’s sales and marketing strategy?

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