‘Twas ten days before Christmas up at the North Pole,

A workshop was whirring towards its end goal.

The elves had instructions, taking great care,

Knowing that soon St Nick would be there.


Santa had spent the best part of a year,

Watching to see what each person held dear.

Millions could find their name on his list,

The perfect gift for all, Santa insists.


Oh, the challenge of finding a thing that matters

So that when people hear the hooves that clatter

They smile up at the ceiling with excitement and glee

Instead of groaning and re-selling their gift on Gumtree.


Santa sees our differences and he knows full well,

A treat for one will be another’s gift from hell.

To maintain the smiles of people worldwide,

Santa conducts his research with pride.


What if, taking a leaf out of Santa’s book,

We could, at our customers, properly look.

And know, with certainty, the specific thing,

Each person values above what another could bring.


At Futurecurve we wish you a time of joy and rest,

Merry Christmas to you all, we hope you have the best.

If in the New Year you have questions about value,

Do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you!