The worst and best voice of the brand is yours

Man with many faces

If you enter the arena of social media, you can’t help but embody your brand. In fact, you become your brand. Having said that, there are three things you need continually to do well to play in the social media space, and they are:

•    Building an audience
•    Developing a community
•    Managing your reputation

Some of the strongest social media players are not faceless companies but individuals, either in their own right or representing a company or organisation. Seth Godin is a good example of an individual, as is Anthony Tjan who writes for Harvard Business Review. Godin says, “We either ignore your brand or we judge it, usually with too little information. And when we judge it, we judge it based on the actions of the loudest, meanest, most selfish member of your tribe….. what do you stand for?”

Good question. What do you stand for? Understanding this is at the heart of your value proposition and your brand, so how are you coming across in social media? How are you managing your personal brand?

Tips for personal value proposition and personal brand

1. Know what you want social media to do for you – and measure its effectiveness

2.  Give, give and give content and value – the new rules are about giving in order to get

3. Ask your clients and contacts for their feedback – take your medicine honestly and act on what they tell you

4. Ask questions

5. Launch a Facebook page about your industry niche

6. Create a social bookmarking account (eg specifically for articles related to your profession or interest and then encourage people to help you find related articles.

7. Make sure you’ve got a consistent email signature, forum signature, a website profile (like Ning’s), software profile (like Skype).

8. Think about personal brand reinforcing content, eg. video channel on sites like YouTube, produce podcasts (audio or video), conduct free webinars, leave insightful comments on related blogs, interview industry trend-setters, write a book, write an ebook, publish white papers…etc etc