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Value Proposition: 6 essential need-to-knows

Now we all know rationally that nothing in life is easy and that a bit of blood, sweat and tears usually pays off with a good result. But as humans, secretly and emotionally we hope for (and are always on the look out for) the quick answer and the short-cut solution – the infamous ‘silver bullet’. The surge in interest in ‘value proposition’ suggests that we’re hopeful it’ll prove to be one of those silver bullets.

There isn’t an easy answer but we’ve put together the essential 6 things to help smooth your value proposition journey.

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Online value proposition

How do I create my online value proposition is a question I get asked often. When I say that it’s still about strategy and planning, I can see people’s eyes glaze over. I know they’re thinking, “but this is too hard, will take too long” or “yes, but, I want to do stuff now, not think or plan it.” Now, I’m being harsh but you get my point. So let’s break down what to do. 

Creating your online value proposition is not a stand-alone task. It needs to be developed from your offline value proposition and your business strategy and objectives.

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