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Customers want real value not just BOGOFs

Guess what? It would seem that companies are starting to consider once again the idea that people like having a positive value experience when they go shopping – especially having the ability to ask questions of a member of staff when they’re shopping.

In the vanguard of this value experience ‘revolution’ we find the corporate colossus, Tesco. It would seem that Tesco has finally been forced to rethink its self-service checkout strategy and start hiring people again, with CEO Philip Clarke acknowledging that maybe they’d gone too far in cutting people costs.

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Are we too obsessed with customers?

Don’t worry (or be disappointed) – I’m not about to commit a Gerald Ratner classic. We love customers – don’t we? In fact, so much so, that they’re becoming an obsession, but does this obsession strengthen or weaken your value proposition? I have recently encountered a number of customer improvement programmes that have used the word obsession. And why shouldn’t we be obsessed – since without our customers we cease to exist in business. But customers are changing – partly because of the ephemeral Internet surfer, meaning that controlling our customer relationships has placed more emphasis on creative value propositions.

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The Best Way to Lose Customers

Consider your last rail journey.  Where did actual journey time fall in your list of priorities? (Unless, of course, the train was badly delayed or cancelled.)  Would the saving of 20 minutes to the journey time have come above getting a seat? Or a clean environment?  If you are anything like me I suspect not.

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Does BA understand the concept of Value Proposition?

I am fascinated to note that British Airways appears to be moving away from the concept of delivering customer value and is focusing solely on the balance sheet. Over the last three months, BA has abolished meals on short flights, cut luggage allowances and has just introduced charging extra for the privilege of reserving your seat. At the same time, it has just launched a business-only service from London City to the US. Confused? You should be

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