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Spiders, monsters and feedback – oh my!

There are more negative emotional words (62%) than positive words (32%) in the English dictionary. The disproportionate way our brain has of filtering data, will have a significant impact on whether a customer chooses to spend money with your organisation again. When working with clients, we encourage them to understand and measure their value using the Value equation...

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How a total value proposition sets the stage for true customer-centricity

How do you operate in a world where the customer has more and more power?  Is there a successful way to understand what’s going on customers’ minds so that you can ensure your business meets or exceeds their expectations? And finally, do you know how to make the necessary changes to your business – processes and offerings – to ensure your customers are happy in this relationship?

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No more baby birds: the rise of customer power

Think your customers are out there, passively waiting for you to bring them the next juicy morsel of product? Think again. Today’s business-to-business customers are more likely to be busy comparing you with competitors – or even working out completely new ways of doing whatever it is your business helps out with. It’s time for a different kind of relationship. 

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