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The secret of confident businesses: selling what customers really value

We are delighted to announce the publication of our new book Selling your Value Proposition, which explains how to transform your business into selling organization. The prize for doing this? Engaged customers and employees, solid revenues, a sense of business community and a successful sales process. In summary – a confident business, where everyone knows what they are doing and why.

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8 Tips to Building a Sales Person’s Value Proposition?

What is a sales person’s value proposition? This very interesting question was posed recently on LinkedIn.  The questioner asked: Is it Product Knowledge? Is It Customer Relationship? Is it Negotiation or Communications Skills? In this era of Web 2.0 – where buyers are better informed and demanding and have direct access to vendors and in an environment where businesses are reducing sales & marketing costs, what is the reason companies will continue to rely on sales people over other means to deliver sales?

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More jam, anyone?

Or, ‘how does having more to choose from affect your choice’?

Have you ever felt so daunted by the amount of different things to choose from that you ended up not choosing anything at all? If so, you are not alone, as the results from the following experiment show. A stall was set up in a supermarket for jam tasting. On one day the stall had 24 jams, and on a different day only 6 jams. Although the stalls with more jams attracted more attention (60% of the people passing by stopped, compared with only 40% for the small-selection stall), of the people who stopped only 4% at the stall with the larger selection subsequently bought a pot, whereas 30% of the people who stopped at the small-selection stall went on to buy a pot(1).

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What do the following have in common…?

Customer experience, voice of the customer, market selection, client selection, client benefits, ROI measurement, no price erosion, not discounting, reducing risk of purchase, case studies, substitutes, alternatives, Total Cost of Ownership, benefits realisation, product or service management, solution development…

Answer: They all link and work together to create your value proposition.

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