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Collaboration - human activity or business tool?

Frustrated by the lack of collaboration across his management team, my client called me. He was almost desperate for suggestions that would help him in building a successful cross-functional collaborative team.  This team comes together for regular management meetings and is extremely focused on operational results (and highly successful at achieving them) but working together on cross-functional non-operational programmes for the business as a whole… well that’s a whole different ball game. 

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Why Am I Talking?

In our interactions with others, we will sometimes find that there is a shift in the power balance between us.  Often this shift leaves us feeling uncomfortable, as if something went wrong. For example, I might feel like I'm doing all the work and no matter how much I do it's never enough and you always criticise me. Transactional Analysis (one of the psychology disciplines) uses a model of human interaction called the Drama Triangle. Here we apply this to selling...

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New ideas and innovation: hiding in plain sight?

What if businesses could learn to see the world differently? In science, this is something that happens every day. Changing your perspective in order to understand a problem in a new way is part of the scientific method. But most businesses don’t work like this. When they do, it can have a profound positive effect on innovation and performance.

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