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Selling to the Post-recession Buyer

In the developed world, until last year we had 15 years of uninterrupted prosperity where growth was a permanent feature. Between 1995 and 2005 disposable incomes increased in the slower economies by 10% and in the highest growth economies by as much as 33%. That economic landscape has had a profound impact on our buying habits. We could afford to be curious about gadgets and new technology, indulge ourselves in premium products and just-for-fun experiences.

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What do the following have in common…?

Customer experience, voice of the customer, market selection, client selection, client benefits, ROI measurement, no price erosion, not discounting, reducing risk of purchase, case studies, substitutes, alternatives, Total Cost of Ownership, benefits realisation, product or service management, solution development…

Answer: They all link and work together to create your value proposition.

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Review your Offerings to stay Profitable

A travel industry client of a colleague recently reduced its offerings down to a narrow niche of cruises and then focused its marketing effort and management time on ensuring these were profitable and generated cash quickly. While there was a temporary fall in sales, the company returned to positive cash flow and profit within a matter of weeks.

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