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You don't bring me flowers: the truth about commoditisation

In many industries, commoditisation is something to be feared. It turns propositions that were once unique and valued into generic, low-margin products and services. Yet in sectors that seem commoditised, some companies (think Dyson, or Southwest Airlines) can either charge huge premiums or thrive happily. How? It’s because when customers say: “Just give me more, for less”, they could in fact want something else.

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New ideas and innovation: hiding in plain sight?

What if businesses could learn to see the world differently? In science, this is something that happens every day. Changing your perspective in order to understand a problem in a new way is part of the scientific method. But most businesses don’t work like this. When they do, it can have a profound positive effect on innovation and performance.

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Wasting value

You say to-may-toes and I say to-mah-toes. The Dutch say resource and the British say waste. The words we choose are important markers for our underlying intentions, values and views of the world. Landfill was banned in the Netherlands in 1995 and the Dutch have been at the forefront of new approaches to resource efficiency. It’s time to stop using the word waste and think about the resources we are using and how we can keep using the same resources over and over again, for our businesses and for our planet. This is just one of the ways that value extends beyond ourselves and our own company.

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How to Invent a Profit

If Bill Gates had been British he’d be running the largest software company in Guildford by now.”

A former Design Council chair once remarked. We seem to be great in the UK at innovation but not so good at bringing ideas to market and making a profit.  Why are we so bad at commercialising innovation?

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