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Customers want real value not just BOGOFs

Guess what? It would seem that companies are starting to consider once again the idea that people like having a positive value experience when they go shopping – especially having the ability to ask questions of a member of staff when they’re shopping.

In the vanguard of this value experience ‘revolution’ we find the corporate colossus, Tesco. It would seem that Tesco has finally been forced to rethink its self-service checkout strategy and start hiring people again, with CEO Philip Clarke acknowledging that maybe they’d gone too far in cutting people costs.

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Revelation – Customers are human too

Surprise, surprise! Customers are human beings with distinct personalities, needs and wants. Yet for largely commercial and expediency reasons most companies send exactly the same piece of communication to every customer. Some undertake a degree of customer segmentation which may result in a different offer or subtly changed wording in the communication. It may even be personalised by adding the person’s name. The trouble is that what you invariably end up with is a communication which appeals to everyone at some low level but doesn’t really engage and excite anyone. All of us can recognise a standard letter when we get one. The same is also true of customer service.

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7 Ways to Grow Business through Customer Service

Do customers view the quality of customer service as a key factor in deciding whether to do business with you?  

The answer may surprise you.

Too many businesses still view customer service as a cost of doing business rather than as an opportunity to do more business. Consequently they outsource their customer service call centres to India or the Philippines, bury their customer helplines and encourage customers to view their frequently asked questions pages on their websites for answers. They incentivise their call centre staff to up sell at every opportunity whilst encouraging them to deal with calls in the shortest possible time.

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