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Customers want real value not just BOGOFs

Guess what? It would seem that companies are starting to consider once again the idea that people like having a positive value experience when they go shopping – especially having the ability to ask questions of a member of staff when they’re shopping.

In the vanguard of this value experience ‘revolution’ we find the corporate colossus, Tesco. It would seem that Tesco has finally been forced to rethink its self-service checkout strategy and start hiring people again, with CEO Philip Clarke acknowledging that maybe they’d gone too far in cutting people costs.

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How to quantify value

People always say to me, “But value is just like beauty, it’s in the eye of the beholder”.  OK, so one man’s value can be another man’s poison (to mix metaphors) but there are ways in which you can start to quantify value.  We always use the equation ‘Value = Benefits minus Cost’, where cost can be price, risk, loss or any other downside.

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