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It’s all about me: why B2B customers aren’t listening

Draw a cup. What do you see? A stylish item of crockery? A football trophy? Half of a bra? The point of this classic psychology exercise is to show that what one person says can be interpreted by others in many different ways. Now draw a “seamless integrated solution”. Your IT supplier would doubtless sketch out a perfect system that solves all your problems. But what would you draw?

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What business can learn from Banksy's Dismaland

I was one of the lucky few to visit Dismaland during its five-week run in the UK.  Designed by the artist Banksy and well-chosen artist collaborators, this anti-establishment theme park was dubbed ‘a post-modern bemusement park’. As well as finding some of the installations laugh-out-loud funny and others poignantly tear-jerking, I was struck by how much thought and planning had gone into the design of the whole experience, especially the service design.

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Sensing me sensing you: don't leave customer experience to big data

Our senses take in vastly more information than our conscious minds. Successful companies get this: they know that our experience of a company or product or service is about so much more than just the point of sale. Customer experience is increasingly the source of competitive advantage. Yet most businesses ignore sensory information along the buying journey.

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7 barriers that stop you from truly understanding your customers

Most companies talk of placing customers at the heart of their business, yet very few actually do. Understanding customers is difficult and also vital.

I was with a customer last week working on their global customer account process. We were discussing the ethnographic customer experience research that we had just completed. My customer was delighted with what we had uncovered for them but was lamenting on their own difficulty with conducting any type of deep customer listening or understanding themselves.  I reassured him that his company was not alone:  most find this difficult to do.  So why is this so difficult for businesses to do themselves?

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Customers want real value not just BOGOFs

Guess what? It would seem that companies are starting to consider once again the idea that people like having a positive value experience when they go shopping – especially having the ability to ask questions of a member of staff when they’re shopping.

In the vanguard of this value experience ‘revolution’ we find the corporate colossus, Tesco. It would seem that Tesco has finally been forced to rethink its self-service checkout strategy and start hiring people again, with CEO Philip Clarke acknowledging that maybe they’d gone too far in cutting people costs.

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The Best Way to Lose Customers

Consider your last rail journey.  Where did actual journey time fall in your list of priorities? (Unless, of course, the train was badly delayed or cancelled.)  Would the saving of 20 minutes to the journey time have come above getting a seat? Or a clean environment?  If you are anything like me I suspect not.

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