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Do you care more about your Products than your Customers?

I regularly find myself telling clients a simple but very important truth: that they care much, much more about their products than they care about their customers.

And it’s always interesting how clients respond when I spell this out, because it so often comes as a big surprise to them. They haven’t realised that all the care and attention they lavish on products isn’t actually for the good of their customers. It’s just what they enjoy and do best. In other words, they’re product-centric, not customer-centric. Here's one way to tell if you're too product-centric.

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“Weak people in business are a waste of space”

“Weak people in business are a waste of space.” “I’m cold, hard and unstoppable.”

When I saw the latest trailers on the BBC for The Apprentice, with these macho, posturing quotes, I found my skin growing clammy. I know it’s popular and makes good television, with its sharp-dressed contestants and all their dramas and rivalry, but I’ve grown to loathe everything it stands for.

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8 Tips to Building a Sales Person’s Value Proposition?

What is a sales person’s value proposition? This very interesting question was posed recently on LinkedIn.  The questioner asked: Is it Product Knowledge? Is It Customer Relationship? Is it Negotiation or Communications Skills? In this era of Web 2.0 – where buyers are better informed and demanding and have direct access to vendors and in an environment where businesses are reducing sales & marketing costs, what is the reason companies will continue to rely on sales people over other means to deliver sales?

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Consultative or Transactional Selling – is there anything in between anymore?

Waiting in my local florist last week I was struck by the increasing polarisation between sales styles: transactional and consultative. Being served was a young girl about to get married who was very emotional and wanted her wedding flowers to be ‘just perfect’ but she didn’t really know what she wanted. I listened as the very patient sales assistant sympathetically suggested this display for the church and that display for the reception. They discussed prices and button holes and table displays.

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Review your Offerings to stay Profitable

A travel industry client of a colleague recently reduced its offerings down to a narrow niche of cruises and then focused its marketing effort and management time on ensuring these were profitable and generated cash quickly. While there was a temporary fall in sales, the company returned to positive cash flow and profit within a matter of weeks.

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