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Wasting value

You say to-may-toes and I say to-mah-toes. The Dutch say resource and the British say waste. The words we choose are important markers for our underlying intentions, values and views of the world. Landfill was banned in the Netherlands in 1995 and the Dutch have been at the forefront of new approaches to resource efficiency. It’s time to stop using the word waste and think about the resources we are using and how we can keep using the same resources over and over again, for our businesses and for our planet. This is just one of the ways that value extends beyond ourselves and our own company.

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The Best Way to Lose Customers

Consider your last rail journey.  Where did actual journey time fall in your list of priorities? (Unless, of course, the train was badly delayed or cancelled.)  Would the saving of 20 minutes to the journey time have come above getting a seat? Or a clean environment?  If you are anything like me I suspect not.

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