The secret of confident businesses: selling what customers really value

It’s a paradox. Today’s customers have more power and choice than ever. But they are less satisfied with the businesses that serve them.

What’s going on? Customers have higher expectations, yet many businesses are losing sight of what matters to them. As a result, new, disruptive competitors are taking the business that’s left on the table.

Building a strong value proposition is the first step towards re-connecting with your customers. But how do you turn it into a 'golden thread' that runs through your business, so that everything you do is focused on creating and selling what your customers really care about?

In short, how do you transform to become a selling organization?

We are delighted to announce the publication of our new book Selling Your Value Proposition, by Cindy Barnes, Helen Blake and Tamara Howard, which explains how. This practical, user-friendly guide will help business professionals to provide products and services that are of genuine value to their customers. The prize? Engaged customers and employees, solid revenues, a sense of business community and a successful sales process. In summary – a confident business, where everyone knows what they are doing and why.

Refining the techniques and skills developed throughout the authors’ distinguished careers, including experience with more than 600 companies worldwide, this book is the essential step-by-step guide to building a value proposition that sells. 

“Packed with tried and tested tactics and dozens of examples from real organizations, this is an essential read for execs in large corporates or anyone who wants to be customer-centric (internal or external), innovate and stay ahead of the game.” Simon Gale, Procurement Director, Sony Europe

“We are living in the Age of the Customer. Selling Your Value Proposition provides leaders with fresh, insightful advice on how to drive the customer-centric business transformation our new world requires. The time has come for every employee to join the sales team, and Barnes, Blake and Howard provide a blueprint with powerful case studies to arm leaders with what they need to get started tomorrow. A must-read book for the Transformational Leader of the Future.” Cate Gutowski, VP Commercial Digital, GE Digital

About the authors: Cindy Barnes is the founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Futurecurve. Her passion for genuine customer-centricity is transforming the operations and perspective of major organizations around the world.
Helen Blake is Chief Executive of Futurecurve. She is a business-winning expert and organizational psychologist who is a passionate advocate for generating better business through actively bringing the customer into business practice. 
Tamara Howard helps international teams deliver on business goals. She has led sales teams at IBM, PA Consulting and Capgemini to achieve many successful multimillion pound deals.

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Selling Your Value Proposition - ISBN: 9780749479916 - is available to purchase now through Kogan Page and on or